After successfully forming and establishing a Community Facilities District (CFD) through our revised process, additional territory may be annexed into the CFD to receive maintenance and/or public services. As such, SCG analyzes the costs related to providing these services for the added territory and will calculate the Special Taxes required to generate funding for public infrastructure and/or maintenance services. The special taxes will properly align with the needs of the additional territory so as to avoid burdening pre-existing homeowners.

We specialize in calculating special taxes to generate sufficient revenue to sustain maintenance and public services to constituents of each district and annexation. Because there is not a singular solution that tailors to the needs of individual communities, SCG specializes in providing unique solutions to each public agency we work with.

Additionally, from time to time it may be necessary to audit districts to ensure that maximum legal revenues are met to support functioning special districts. Using Spicer TAX System (STAX) – which is our proprietary software system – our associates have access to current and historical property information for the Special Districts we administer. Using our own Geographic Information System (GIS) Platform we have access to an updated database of parcels within districts which plays an essential role in accurately calculating and assessing annual assessments.