Spicer Consulting Group has a focus on helping municipalities form, annex, and administer land-secured special financing districts. SCG provides these specialized services strictly to public agencies and have built strong relationships forged on providing an unmatched level of service. SCG works as an extension of staff allowing our partners to focus their energy on their primary job responsibilities.

SCG partners with local agencies to fund vital infrastructure and services to meet the needs of their constituents. The professionals at SCG offer our clients a number of options to meeting their funding needs. SCG values the agency’s goals and unique circumstances each project presents to identify viable solutions consistent with the policies of the agency.

SCG associates have provided full service support to over 50 municipalities in all areas of municipal finance for land secured special districts throughout the state of California. The experts at SCG are specialized in providing special tax consulting, assessment engineering, annual administration, and continuing disclosure services to its partner agencies. SCG is committed to providing top-notched personalized service to the local public agencies they serve.